The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#085 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Luis Buitrago Vallejo
October 31, 2023
Join host Neil Bhuiyan in a transformative conversation with Luis Buitrago Vallejo, a trailblazing BDR at Braze. Explore Luis' inspiring journey from a Colombian engineering student to a London-based entrepreneur. Luis Buitrago Vallejo, a trailblazing BDR at Braze. This episode dives deep into the nuances of sales, emphasizing the power of mindset and consistency. Learn from Luis' pandemic pivot, where he turned adversity into opportunity by consistently creating content on Instagram, showcasing the transformative impact of taking action.
Neil and Luis discuss the importance of consistency in sales and the mindset needed to excel in the field. They highlight the significance of passion, treating the sales process as a game, and being open to learning and trying new strategies. The conversation also explores Luis' unique prospecting approach and the importance of creativity in standing out in the industry


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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Introduction of Luis Buitrago Vallejo
02:31- Luis Buitrago Vallejo's background from Colombia to London
04:25 - Luis Buitrago Vallejo's journey into sales and his experiences
07:29 - Choosing a different path and working with his uncle
10:29 - Selling 17 licenses for an online academy
11:19 - The challenges and successes of building a digital business
12:45 - Managing Big Contracts
13:37 - Reflecting on Achievements
15:05 - Lockdown Love and Deferred Masters
16:38 - Starting a Business on Instagram
18:04 - Advice for Content Creation
21:23 - Combining Public Speaking and Content Creation
24:15 - Transition to Braze and Working in Tech Sales
28:41- Discovering the love for the BDR role
29:51 - The value and growth opportunities of being a BDR
31:00 - The importance of business acumen in the BDR role
33:29 - Insights and experiences gained as an SDR/BDR
34:31 - Focus on growth, fun, and love for the game of business
37:27 - Key to high performance: attitude and consistency
38:32 - Importance of consistent prospecting for a healthy pipeline
42:08 - Advice for SDRs experiencing a lull in motivation
43:42 - Combining action and learning for success in sales
44:23 - In-person prospecting with doughnuts and personal touch
47:27 - The initial reaction to the in-person prospecting idea
51:19 - Embracing creativity and breaking the mold in sales