The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#019 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Jake McGaw
March 30, 2021
An Australian SDR, based in the beautiful Bondi Beach, Sydney, Jake McGaw is living the sales dream. In a previous role in recruitment, he made the decision that instead of finding top talent for SaaS and tech companies and putting them in really cool places - he was going to be ‘the guy' that’s doing all that himself. Enterprise BDR at SurveyMonkey at the time of recording and now BDR at Airwallex, Jake’s making things happen. Listen in to find out how he’s achieved his goals, and his tips for brand new SDRs – including why you should always start at the finish line.
Jake McGaw is no stranger to hard work but until he made the decision to work in sales, he found he was lacking in direction. He graduated from high school, feeling unsure of what his next steps would be and then juggled multiple roles (and cocktails – he was a cocktail bartender) during university where he studied marketing and commerce. It was after a role in marketing that he fell into recruitment, finally making the decision here that he wanted to move into the world of SaaS and tech sales. So not a straightforward journey by any means. Jake shares his winning formula for prospecting, tips for how to overcome the fear of phone calls, and much more, with host Neil Bhuiyan in this weeks' show.

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