The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#079 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Andy Laws
June 20, 2023
In this podcast, Neil Bhuiyan interviews Andy Laws, a senior Business Development Manager at Braze, who shares his journey from professional cricketer to tech sales. Andy discusses challenges like identity loss after leaving sports and emphasizes seeking support and being open about mental health. He advises patience and taking initiative for career progression, suggesting conversations with mentors and exploring opportunities within the organization. The conversation then focuses on understanding numbers and data in sales. Despite lacking math proficiency, Andy recognized the importance of analyzing data to improve performance. He encourages seeking guidance from sales operations and leadership teams and learning from successful sales reps. Andy introduces his content series, "Building the Modern Sales Rep," offering insights and tips for sales professionals. Lastly, he advises his younger self to prioritize patience, self-care, and enjoyment, urging individuals to prioritize health and relationships and make necessary changes for a fulfilling life.
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Andy’s SDR Playbook is designed to provide reps with comprehensive, actionable resources around: Personas Framework, Account Research & Planning, Cold Calling Cheatsheet, AE < > BDR Collaboration Framework, Outreach Cadence Structure, Discovery/Qualifying Call Guide, Personal Development & Promotional Plan