The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#075 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Jourdain Green
May 23, 2023
In this episode of the SDR Disco Call Show, host Neil Bhuiyan interviews Jourdain Green, a sales professional with a diverse background and experience in various industries, who was actively seeking a new role. The ensuing conversation is a heartfelt and candid exchange, with Jourdain sharing his personal experience of being unemployed and providing valuable insights on how to maintain motivation and positivity during trying times. He also discusses the therapeutic benefits of sports, such as MMA. Jourdain imparts valuable advice on cultivating relationships in sales and navigating the challenges of job loss and personal struggles in the professional realm. He emphasizes the significance of treating decision-makers as fellow human beings and demonstrating empathy and understanding towards their individual circumstances. Throughout the conversation, there is a strong emphasis on self-reflection and the exploration of fresh opportunities when faced with adversity.

Overall, the conversation is a powerful reminder of the importance of taking action and rebuilding when things are broken, and the value of being honest with oneself about what one loves and hates doing. It also highlights the importance of community and supporting each other through difficult times. The episode offers valuable insights on sales, mental health, and career development.

Since the recording, Jourdain has found a new role as a Senior Sales Executive Haymarket Media Group