The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#091 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Alex Newell
February 20, 2024
In this episode, Neil Bhuiyan interviews Alex Newell, an account executive at Sales Confidence. They discuss the role of Sales Confidence as a membership community for salespeople in the tech industry. They also talk about the support and resources provided by Sales Confidence, including events, networking, and accountability groups. Alex shares his journey from working in local government to transitioning into tech sales. They discuss the skills gained from his previous role and the importance of having a personal why in pursuing a career in sales. The onboarding process at Sales Confidence is also discussed. In this conversation, Alex Newell shares his experience as an SDR at Sales Confidence and provides advice for networking at events. He discusses the difference between startups and established companies and emphasizes the importance of mindset in sales. Alex also gives three pieces of advice to his younger self and expresses gratitude to the Sales Confidence team.

Key Takeaways


00:00 - Introduction to show
01:10 - Alex and Sales Confidence Membership
02:05 - Events and Networking
02:48 - Accountability Groups
03:22 - Personal Interests and Hobbies
04:08 - Transition to Tech Sales
06:22 - Background in Local Government
09:08 - Desire for Change
13:10 - Skills Gained in Local Government
20:20 - Perception of Sales
22:01 - Introduction to Venatrix
23:25 - Pitch of Sales Confidence
25:56 - Importance of Personal Why
29:46 - Onboarding at Sales Confidence