The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#101 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Anna Bella
July 9, 2024
Anna Bella shares her journey from SDR to leadership in tech. Starting young in sales at her parents' hospitality business, she moved to the UK from Hungary without speaking English. Through her network, she joined Redis as an SDR. Anna emphasizes researching and finding the right job fit, and the value of mentors for guidance and feedback. She advises aspiring leaders to identify strengths and weaknesses, be authentic, and find their superpower. Addressing female leaders, she advises ignoring stigma and focusing on growth, while embracing vulnerability, transparency, and open-mindedness. Anna also discusses leadership challenges, including managing cross-departmental relationships and admitting when you don't know the answer. This episode was recorded in March 2024, and since then, Anna has recently started a new role as Senior SDR Manager for EMEA at Snyk, a leader in developer security - Congratulations and #HappySelling Anna!
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Key Takeaways