The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#060 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast – Ambassify
September 6, 2022
Closing a deal in sales is not a downhill task. It takes several attempts, effort, and patience to win a new customer. Today we speak to three guests from Ambassify on their journey from practicing different professions to their tech sales journey. In this episode, Bobi Kostadinov, Yannic Schelfhout and Koen Stevens talk to us about their journey to the sales world, what it takes to close your first deal in sales, why any SDR should have a close working relationship with their Account Executive, the value of exposure in sales and how to consume relevant information. Plus, we discuss Bobi & Yannic’s great connection as an SDR and Account Executive, as well as bits of advice our guests would give their younger selves about embarking on a sales journey. The SDR DiscoCall Show is sponsored by Chili Piper. For more information, head to
Koen, the first CEO on the show, shares his journey launching his business, what companies look for before hiring their first Account Executive or SDR, why every SDR needs to leverage on their CEO, and the best strategies to reach out to C-level people.
02:06 – Introducing Ambassify guests Bobi, Yannic & Koen
06:19 – What Ambassify does and how it started to where it is today
09:43 – How Koen Stevens launched his company. How did he get the confidence?
16:05 – Bobi’s transition into sales and securing an SDR role at Ambassify
24:27 – What do companies think about before they hire their first Account Executive or SDR
37:19 – Yannic’s transition from an SDR to a team lead and later to an Account Executive.
39:31 – Yannic’s experience in closing his first deal ever in sales
46:36 – Advice to an SDR on the best way to work with your Account Executive and how to make a dynamic team together
49:58 – How to consume information in a healthy way as an SDR
53:51 – How to leverage your CEO as an SDR
56:58 – Advice to SDRs on reaching C-level people
01:01:11 – Bits of advice each of our guests would give to their younger self about embarking on a sales journey

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