The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#032 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Sam Bertrand
January 11, 2022
An SDR with passion and promise – Sam Bertrand was the first to join the Sales Team at Traicie, and since then he’s never looked back. His love for Sales has driven him to success and he has no intention of stopping. Sam talks about his current position (at the time of recording) as an SDR at Traicie, his experience working with recruitment A.I. technology, and how connecting with fellow SDRs in Belgium has helped him in his career. Since recording, Sam has been promoted to Account Executive.
Sam Bertrand has made a huge impression at Traicie, and his work and drive for success has given him a promising start to his career in Sales. In this episode he talks about his experience in start-ups, how the Belgian SDR Community has helped him in his Sales journey and why things can get a little awkward when working with pre-screening analytical AI.

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