The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#081 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Dominic Klingberg
October 3, 2023
In this episode, Neil and Dominic Klingberg, Co-Founder of the ARRtist Circus, engage in a conversation about the world of sales development and management. Klingberg shares his journey into sales. Klingberg challenges traditional stereotypes of sales and highlights the personal growth and financial rewards that come from a career in sales. He also emphasizes the importance of gaining experience and understanding the business before taking on a leadership position.

They also share their involvement with the SDRs of Germany, a community aimed at changing the perception of sales and providing a platform for learning and networking.

Dom also discusses his motivation for starting his own venture, the ARRtist Circus, which aims to improve the reputation of sales professionals in Germany, with a special offer for listeners to obtain a discount on their tickets for the event in Berlin, April 2024 - Link in the show notes


00:00 - Intro
01:34 - Introduction of Dominic Klingberg 
02:41 - Location of Dominic Klingberg 
06:18 - Dominic Klingberg's entry into sales 
07:07 - Dominic Klingberg's first sales experience 
08:18 - Transition from B2C to B2B sales 
09:26 - Skills learned from working in hospitality 
12:30 - Disagreement with sales stereotypes 
13:31 - Contrasting sales approaches in different cultures 
15:05 - Changing perceptions of sales in Germany 
16:19 - Positive impact of a female sales manager 
17:25 - Cultural differences in doing business in Germany 
18:34 - Tailoring sales approach to different target groups 
19:47 - Progressing from individual contributor to manager 
20:55 - The reality of being a sales manager 
22:12 - The challenges of managing people 
23:55 - The multiple roles of a sales manager 
38:13 - Recognizing the power of the podcast 
43:27 - Introducing the ARRtist Circus event 
46:13 - The vision behind the ARRtist Circus as the "Tomorrowland for sales and customer success"
49:21 - Investing in personal growth and enjoying the process 
51:23 - Dom’s 3 tips of advice
53:49 - Shoutouts
54:36 - Outro