The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#090 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Lea Buecker
February 13, 2024
Lea Buecker discusses the changing landscape of German sales and the rise of young, motivated professionals who are reshaping the industry. She shares her experience joining forces with SDRs and AEs and the opportunities that come with it. Lea also talks about becoming an ambassador for the SDRs of Germany and the impact of the founders on her decision. She highlights the importance of creating opportunities in German DACH sales and the role of the SDRs of Germany Book Club in providing sales education. Lea emphasises the need for a supportive community and managing stress in sales. She concludes with advice for young sales professionals and expresses gratitude to her supporters.


00:00 - The Changing Landscape of German Sales
35:14 - Joining Forces with SDRs and AEs
36:29 - Becoming an Ambassador for SDRs of Germany
37:25 - The Impact of Ambassadors and Founders
38:25 - Creating Opportunities in German DACH Sales
39:25 - Running the SDRs of Germany Book Club
40:16 - Building a Community in German Sales
41:08 - Mindset and Managing Stress in Sales
44:51 - Advice for Young Sales Professionals
45:49 - Shout Outs and Kudos
47:01 - Gratitude and Farewell

Key Takeaways:

- German sales are evolving with young professionals driving innovation.
- Collaborate with SDRs and AEs for personal and professional growth.
- Being a sales organization ambassador offers valuable opportunities and connections.
- Create a community for sales education to improve the sales landscape in Germany.
- Prioritize mental health and work-life balance in sales.
- Seek support from managers and HR for self-care in sales.
- Embrace new opportunities and explore possibilities in sales.
- Build a supportive network for personal and professional growth.
- Manage stress and maintain a positive mindset in sales.
- Just do it, be yourself, and embrace the unknown.
- Express gratitude and acknowledge support from loved ones and mentors