The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#076 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Derrick Williams
May 30, 2023
In this episode, host Neil interviews sales professional and founder of 3Link Consulting, Derrick Williams. Williams shares his journey from being an 18-year-old father to having a successful career in B2B sales at companies such as Ten Bound and Dell. They discuss the importance of having a strong motivation, or "why," in sales and advises new SDRs to take the time to figure out their own motivations. Williams also discusses the differences between working in big tech companies versus startups, highlighting the benefits of both. The conversation also touches on sales leadership, with Williams sharing his passion for helping people figure things out and succeed. He advises aspiring sales leaders to have a full understanding of the sales process and to spend time in the trenches with their teams. The show also covers Williams' entrepreneurial endeavours, including his consulting firm 3Link Consulting and his podcast The Sales Consultant Podcast. This is a great episode for SDRs, Sales Leaders and those looking to become Sales Consultants.
Williams' consultancy and podcast aim to provide solutions and inspiration for B2B sales challenges and help revenue leaders and consultants stay sharp and focused on what works.