The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#080 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Kyan Burke
September 26, 2023
Neil Bhuiyan welcomes Kyan Burke as a guest on the SDR DiscoCall Show. They discuss Kyan's journey into tech sales, highlighting the value of finding the right resources and mentors. Kyan shares his positive experience with TrainYo, a coaching program that helped him secure his current role at Site and Prove. They also discuss the importance of evaluating company culture when considering job offers and the significance of building relationships within an organization for career progression.


00:00 - Intro
01:33 - Introduction of Kyan Burke
03:15 - Kyan's hobbies and interests
04:24 - Kyan's career journey and background
06:12 - Choosing entrepreneurship as a degree
09:10 - Discovering TrainYo and scepticism
11:35 - TrainYo's impact and gratitude
09:53 - Tech sales not being prevalent in the UK
11:03 - Initial doubts about TrainYo's legitimacy
17:42 - Advice for Choosing Job Offers
18:18 - Non-negotiables and Vibe Check
19:31 - Utilizing Resources for Due Diligence
20:34 - Not Every Job is Forever
21:29 - Journey from BDR to AE
23:07 - Visibility and Building Relationships within the Organization
24:31 - The importance of self-promotion
25:06 - The excitement of getting promoted to AE
27:06 - Documenting achievements for promotion
29:05 - Learning from top performers
29:56 - Building a strong relationship with AEs
31:10 - Using existing blueprints for success
32:17 - Creating your own luck as a top performer
33:18 - Exploring alternative career paths
34:19 - Analyzing job descriptions for career advancement
36:04 - Gaining experience for future roles
36:21 - Importance of Sourcing Pipeline
37:26 - Considerations for Choosing a Sales Role
37:54 - Reasons Not to Pursue an AE Position
38:38 - Realities of Having a Quota as an AE
39:40 - Challenges and Rewards of Being an AE
40:53 - The Role of Time Management for AEs
41:58 - Personal Experiences and Career Growth
42:27 - The Because of BDRs Podcast
44:09 - Elevating BDRs in the Tech Space
45:56 - Diverse Guests and Inspiration on the Show
48:25 - Outro

The conversation then shifts to the challenges and opportunities of being an Account Executive (AE) in the tech space. Kyan shares his perspective on the relentless effort and high activity required to succeed in this role. They discuss the pressure of meeting quotas and the need to navigate multiple stakeholders as an AE. Kyan also talks about his podcast, "Because of BDRs," which aims to recognize the contributions of BDRs and SDRs in the tech industry.