The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#093 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Charlotte Higgins
March 5, 2024
In this episode of the SDR Disco Call Show, host Neil Bhuiyan interviews Charlotte Higgins, a former BDR at ScreenLoop. The conversation covers Charlotte's journey into tech sales, her passion for music and selling beats, and the lessons she learned as a BDR. The episode emphasizes the importance of mindset, proactivity, and continuous learning in the sales profession. Charlotte shares her advice for aspiring SDRs and highlights the value of understanding one's “Why” to stay motivated and overcome challenges. In this conversation, Neil Bhuiyan interviews Charlotte Higgins about her career journey and recent promotion to CSM at Screenloop. They discuss the lessons learned from contracts and the enjoyment of content creation. Charlotte shares her decision to pursue the CSM role and the alignment with her communication, confidence, and business acumen skills. They highlight the versatility and learning opportunities in a lean company like Screenloop. The conversation also explores the trend of SDRs exploring roles beyond AE and the benefits of wearing multiple hats as an SDR. Charlotte concludes with advice for her younger self and the importance of mindset. The episode ends with a farewell and encouragement for listeners to support the podcast.

Key Takeaways