The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#082 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Michelle Orellana
October 10, 2023
In this episode, we put the spotlight on a true industry star, Michelle Orellana, a first-time BDE-Latina-In-Tech. Join us as Michelle shares her inspiring story of triumph over adversity and her path to fulfilment in tech sales We also delve into the significance of personal branding and the pivotal role of platforms like TikTok in crafting a professional identity. Michelle stresses the value of authenticity, creativity, and networking in the art of personal branding, opening doors to exciting future career opportunities

Financial management takes a front-row seat as Michelle and Neil discuss the importance of financial mastery. Learn how to understand personal finances, make informed decisions, and cultivate the right financial behaviours. 

Please note that discussions in this episode on financial matters, are personal advice based on personal experiences, and are not to be taken as professional financial advice we would recommend seeking professional advice from an experienced Financial Advisor, first.


00:00 - Intro
01:32: Guest Introduction: Michelle Orellana
03:50: Michelle's LinkedIn Profile
06:52: Michelle's Frustration and Search for a New Path
10:16: Initial Doubts and Gaining Confidence in Earning Potential
11:54: Discovering the tech industry
12:29: Friends' reactions to the tech industry
13:54: Previous careers and their influence on sales
14:54: Skills gained from acting in sales
18:55: Youth mentoring and personal growth
20:08: Overcoming fears and reaching full potential
21:25: Being a first-generation immigrant in the US
23:08: Imposter Syndrome and Navigating a New Space
24:21: Embracing the Process of Learning
26:39: The Value of LinkedIn and Overcoming Doubts
29:08: Starting on LinkedIn and Sharing Fresh Thoughts
30:20: The Next Generation of SDRs and Content Creation
31:48: Building Your Personal Brand and Embracing Criticism
32:50: Redefining Professionalism and Sharing Passion
33:54: The Benefits of Building a Brand and Creating Content
35:02: Consistency and Sharing Valuable Information
35:04: Importance of Personal Branding
36:03: Personal Brand as an Asset
37:04: Transitioning to New Platforms
37:48: Getting Started on TikTok
39:51: TikTok as a Different Social Platform
41:16: Financial Management and Wealth
44:31: Lack of Financial Literacy for SDRs
48:13: Five Principles of Money Management
53:42: Advice for Young Professionals: Confidence, Asking Questions, and Consistency
55:29: Shoutouts and Appreciation
56:44: Outro