The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#086 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Tom Bertrand
November 14, 2023
In this episode, Neil Bhuiyan engages in a conversation with Tom Bertrand, a seasoned sales professional working at Reach Desk. Tom takes listeners on a journey through his career, starting from his days in recruitment to his experiences in various startups before finding his niche at Reach Desk. The discussion delves into Tom's struggles with anxiety and the pressure to perform in different work environments, highlighting his path to self-discovery and fulfilment. Tom shares his daily routine, emphasizing the importance of practices like cold showers, meditation, and mindfulness. He provides valuable insights into cold calling techniques and building rapport with prospects, drawing inspiration from his personal drive and his twin brother.
The episode also touches on Tom's involvement with Sales Confidence and the significance of networking in the sales industry. Neil and Tom discuss the impact of attending specialized networking events and challenging limiting beliefs, emphasizing continuous learning and self-exploration. Tom offers advice to young professionals, encouraging them to explore diverse career paths, discover their "why," and embrace a mindset of growth.


Find Tom on LinkedIn:


00:00 - Intro
00:57- Introduction of Tom Bertrand
03:19 - Discussion of Tom's active engagement on LinkedIn
03:46 - Tom's journey into sales starting from the beginning
05:33 - Experience at Clarify and its impact
06:21 - Transition to Reachdesk and loving the new role
07:19 - Discussion on the impact of travel experiences
08:36 - Insights into self-discovery during travel
10:55 - Overcoming limiting beliefs and toxic environments
43:37 - Motivation Behind Joining Sales
44:51 - Evolving "Why" and Changing Motivations
47:01 - Elevating the Sales Development Profession
48:12 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Networking
49:16 - Finding Inspiration and Connection at Events
50:43 - Learning and Growing Through Networking
51:58 - Advice for the Younger Self
52:55 - Shoutouts and Gratitude
53:24 - Closing Remarks and Future Outlook