The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#069 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Lucy Obertelli
April 4, 2023
Are you seeking inspiration on your career journey? Don't miss this episode of the podcast where host Neil Bhuiyan interviews Lucy Obertalli, an SDR at Allego, about her journey to success. Lucy shares her experiences working in two different companies, discussing the challenges of joining a smaller organisation that lacks structure, processes, and coaching mechanisms. She talks about her move to Paris during the lockdown, dealing with mental health issues, and realising that her job might not be the right fit. Lucy also shares her advice for SDRs, including seeking out resources such as blogs, articles, and LinkedIn profiles to learn and develop on their own. If you're interested in sales, coaching, and personal development, make sure you catch this insightful conversation!
Since the recording, Lucy has moved on to SourceWhale and has become their SDR Team Lead.  She was also voted one of the Top 25 SDRs to follow in 2022 by Demandbase