The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#072 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Liam Sant
April 25, 2023
In this podcast, Neil Bhuiyan interviews Liam Sant, an SDR at TrainYo, who shares his journey of accidentally falling into sales after studying English language at university. After working in recruitment for some time, he transitioned to a new challenge and became an SDR at TrainYo where he is currently working. Liam's experience in recruitment helped him develop the core skills of people management, building rapport, and phone skills, which he now applies in his role as an SDR at TrainYo. Liam advises individuals new to the field that they don't need to be technical experts but should have an interest in how things work and be curious. He also stresses the importance of doing the research before taking on a new role, particularly in terms of salary and compensation expectations. This episode provides valuable insights into Liam's journey and tips for success in the SDR role. His emphasis on research, confidence, and utilizing LinkedIn can be useful takeaways for anyone looking to succeed in sales.
TrainYo's mission to advocate for diversity in tech and support underrepresented backgrounds is a testament to its commitment to making the tech world a more inclusive and welcoming place.

Sunil, a co-founder of TrainYo, was the best mate and dear friend to many before his sudden loss in Feb 2023. Dedicated to making the world more equal, he helped people from all walks of life, significantly underrepresented areas. Sunil never turned down an ask and was always there to help. They are collecting funds to bring him back from Colombia to the UK and give him the funeral he deserves. Any excess will support his family. Sunil will be missed, and it was an honour to have met his team - There is a GoFundMe link in the show notes if you wish to donate, below