The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#087 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Mark Ackers
November 21, 2023
In this engaging interview, Neil Bhuiyan sits down with Mark Ackers, the Co-founder and head of sales at MySalesCoach, to explore Mark's intriguing journey in the tech sales industry and delve into his pivotal role at MySalesCoach. Mark candidly shares his evolution from a background in marketing to finding success and overcoming initial embarrassment in the realm of sales. The conversation takes an insightful turn as Mark unveils the genesis of the book "Problem Prospecting?!" conceived during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The book serves as a beacon of actionable advice and practical guidance for sales professionals grappling with prospect engagement. Mark reflects on his journey from Refract to the founding of MySalesCoach, underscoring his unwavering passion for sales coaching and the profound significance of aiding sales representatives in their improvement journey. The dialogue navigates the transition from a corporate setting at Refract to the entrepreneurial landscape of co-founding a startup with Kevin Beales, shedding light on the impactful lessons from prior experiences.

Mark generously imparts wisdom to aspiring individuals eyeing a career in sales, emphasizing the continual pursuit of knowledge, financial prudence, and the attainment of a well-balanced work-life equilibrium. He underscores the pivotal role of maintaining harmony between professional and personal spheres, revealing a deep commitment to his family.


00:00 - Intro
00:54 - Mark Ackers introduces himself and his role at MySales Coach
04:49 - Mark shares his hobbies and interests outside of sales
08:33 - Mark reflects on his journey and the role of risks in his career
14:21 - Mark discusses his relationship with his father regarding career choices
21:14 - Transitioning to a sales role and overcoming initial hesitations
33:14 - Mark shares insights on how money enhances rather than changes people
47:22 - The motivation behind writing the book "Problem Prospecting"
47:41 - The mission in sales
48:48 - Introducing the online course
51:41 - Neil's experience as a customer of Mark
53:36 - Neil's journey with Mark and Kevin
55:44 - Transition to the new business venture
01:07:58 - Advice for someone entering sales
01:10:34 - The importance of work-life balance
01:13:40 - Shoutouts