The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#018 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Ellie Twigger
March 23, 2021
English & Drama graduate turned Enterprise SDR (at the time of recording), Ellie Twigger is not only the lady behind the SDRs of LinkedIn viral challenge but quite possibly the only SDR who can claim she booked an enterprise call with the CEO of M&S through video prospecting (and that he liked this so much that he also played it to his team during a board meeting). Tune in to find out how she prospected her way to joining SalesLoft and why this is the best decision she ever made.
Ellie Twigger fell into sales whilst working as a course organiser for Oxford International. She soon realised that if she wanted a career in sales then it would make sense to explore all elements of the selling process and this was the main driver to start searching for an SDR role. She learned the ins and outs of sales development working alongside the legendary Stratford Canning as an SDS at Forrester and in March 2020, she joined the team at sales engagement platform SalesLoft. Fast forward 12 months and Ellie is now Commercial Account Director. Ellie loves the science behind sales development and shares her insights on best practices, working successfully through lockdown, and the importance of great onboarding.

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