The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#092 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Mattia Schaper
February 27, 2024
In this conversation, Mattia Schaper, an entrepreneur and former SDR, shares her journey in sales and the lessons she has learned along the way. She emphasises the importance of authenticity and being true to oneself in sales. Mattia also discusses the power of personal branding on LinkedIn and how it can help sales professionals succeed. She highlights the similarities between sales and boxing, both requiring strategy, discipline, and mental fortitude. Mattia shares her experience in founding SDRs of Germany, a community for sales professionals, and the value of collaboration over competition. She encourages individuals to embrace imperfection and take action, while also investing in their own education and personal growth.

Key Takeaways


00:00 - Introduction and Background
04:11 - Entering the Sales Profession
05:35 - Discovering the Importance of Authenticity
10:21 - Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn
16:36 - Overcoming Challenges in Sales
21:24 - Sales and Boxing: Finding Similarities
32:10 - The Birth of SDS of Germany
38:25 - The Power of Discipline and Community
43:55 - Embracing Imperfection and Taking Action
51:56 - Advice for Sales Professionals
56:41 - Shoutout to Ollie Sharp
57:22 - Conclusion