The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
The SDR DiscoCall Podcast follows the same theme and principal of a “Discovery-Call” most SDRs perform when speaking to a first-time prospect, where they gather information in the space of 15-30mins, typically the beginning of a Sales Cycle. In this Podcast, the SDR Guest will still be in the SDR position at their current company (Max 2 years) and will follow an agenda of i) Introductions, ii) Their SDR story iii) 3 Key takeaways they have learned whilst in the position.
#014 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Lorraine Pettit
February 23, 2021 • 38 MIN
Former intern, teaching assistant, and international traveller turned enterprise star at Gong, Lorraine Pettit joins the show from Washington DC – sharing how her love for the magic of sales ignited her passion to work in the industry, plus her top tips for brand new SDRs looking to achieve success in the first few months of joining a new company.
#013 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Ezana Haddis
February 16, 2021 • 43 MIN
A natural networker and people person, this week’s guest Ezana Haddis shares his journey from university campus brand ambassador at Tinder and Bacardi through to his current role as SDR at Mintago where he helps employers create a healthier and happier workforce.
#012 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - George Treschi
February 9, 2021 • 37 MIN
George Treschi’s passion for sales has taken him on a journey to in the world of Sales Engagement. Just 5 months into his SDR role at the time of recording, George has taken what he experienced being a 100% remote hire, to help newcomers to Sales Development work best in fully remote roles with some great tips and advice
#011 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Maxmillian Licht
February 2, 2021 • 44 MIN
High flying US SDR, Maxmillian Licht, shares his story of how transitioned from real estate into SaaS sales and all the techniques and strategies he learned to be a top SDR whilst working at Zuora.
#010 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Will Koning (
January 26, 2021 • 50 MIN
A special 1-hour episode with guest Will Koning, founder of Learn how Will went back to being an SDR to launch his own SaaS company and the top traits and skill sets needed for success as an SDR.
#009 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Aleksandra Andree
January 19, 2021 • 39 MIN
Barcelona based professional prospector, Aleksandra Andree, has an energy and passion for sales that is contagious. She shares her SDR story with host Neil Bhuiyan - from Avon lady to SDR at sales engagement and enablement platform Bloobirds and founding member of the SalesHacker community.
#008 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Jordon Cornish
January 12, 2021 • 34 MIN
Showpad BDR and ex-recruiter Jordon Cornish makes his podcast debut with host Neil Bhuiyan to share his BDR story and key takeaways. Learn how a Sunday work session can help you get (and keep ahead) plus tips on juggling parenthood with career success through to advice on selling and personal development.
#007 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Jolien Clauwaert
January 5, 2021 • 37 MIN
Are you ready to kick-start 2021 with our first show of the year, jam-packed with tips for new SDRs? Introducing Jolien Clauwaert, a Belgian SDR from one of HappySelling’s clients Intigriti and former student of host Neil Bhuiyan.
#006 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Carl Ritchie
December 29, 2020 • 36 MIN
The SDR DiscoCall Podcast welcomes another G2 crowd BDR (now Account Executive), Carl Ritchie, to the show. A budding entrepreneur from an early age (with a degree in entrepreneurship from UCL), Carl shares his passion for business (and cocktails), plus his top takeaways for new SDRs, with host Neil Bhuiyan.
#005 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Charley May
December 22, 2020 • 38 MIN
This week’s star performer is Charley May, a newbie SDR from Leadoo, and a big LinkedIn advocate! Charley joins host Neil Bhuiyan on the show from her base in Malaga, Spain, and shares her SDR story of how she successfully locked-on during Lockdown.
#004 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Corentin Lindsay
December 15, 2020 • 45 MIN
Tune in to hear Corey Lindsay, a BDR from G2 crowd, who shares his roller-coaster journey, from finance to sales, with host Neil Bhuiyan. Plus, a host of star tips for new BDRs and SDRs on how to bring a human connection to prospecting.
#003 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Elana Freeman
December 8, 2020 • 41 MIN
Elana Freeman, ISR at Secure Code Warrior, joins host Neil Bhuiyan to share how her SDR story ended up, in cyber-security-space! Don’t miss Elana’s golden-nuggets for brand new SDRs.
#002 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Ben Smith
December 1, 2020 • 35 MIN
From Disney on Ice to BDR Team Lead at Reachdesk, Ben Smith joins host Neil Bhuiyan to share one of the most interesting SDR stories in the business.
#001 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast - Neil Bhuiyan
November 23, 2020 • 37 MIN
How being “the Idiot in the Room” gave me an SDR advantage. Learn the secrets to sales development success in the world of SaaS with Neil Bhuiyan.